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Receive A Full SEO Audit For Your Online Presence

Get the Tweaked SEO team of experts to assess your website's SEO health, including a detailed checklist of SEO items and actionable recommendations to improve search rankings. This no-obligation assessment is provided for free to SEO experts, marketers and business owners.

Every website is different and has unique SEO requirements, that's why we meticulously comb through every detail of your website to identify problem areas and places for improvement.

This SEO Report will:

Identify SEO problem areas on your website.

This SEO audit takes a detail focused approach that will manually review your website for 70+ metrics that influence the quality of on page and off page SEO. Every website and online business is different, which is why this custom – human SEO audit ensures that no stone is left unturned when reviewing website data for search engine optimization success.

There is nothing generic about Tweaked SEO reports, we don't provide a generic 'list of random SEO items' report. Instead we look deep into your site to identify specific issues and tell you the best ways we can correct them.

Each SEO audit takes several hours to compile and is custom created by our experienced and professional executive SEO staff - the same staff that will be working with you to build long term organic growth for your online business.

A few key focus areas of analysis are:

  • Quality of website content assessed to ensure avoidance of thin, low value or duplicate / plagiarized text usage.
  • Webpage configuration and coding analysis that confirms proper primary domain setup and canonical configurations have been installed.
  • Backlink profile assessment and website trust metrics review to identify a sites trust level and authority.
  • Analysis and review of server side compression formats used to compress images and minify html, JavaScript, and CSS website data.
  • Entire website page crawl to locate broken links and highlight non-search engine friendly configured redirects.
  • Webpage URL check to make sure short, descriptive and keyword rich URL's have been used site-wide.
  • Draw out internal linking structure & site architecture to ensure key pages have maximum link flow and juice.
  • Social media presence analysis confirming profile configurations are consistent and match the details of your business.
  • Locate local search components that have been implemented with schema and structured data markup.
  • Local citation review of 3rd party sites containing business location and contact information.
  • Identify any code quality issues that could impact page rendering or hinder search engine indexing.
  • Review common on-page features for optimization, such as title meta tags, page descriptions, image alt descriptions, headers and more.
  • Search engine health check that targets current indexing in google search engine result pages, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Security assessment ensuring SSL certificates have been properly installed and maintained across domain.
  • Test searches conducted on brand and product terms that your online presence should be ranking for.
  • Keyword health checks to ensure pages on your website are targeting the right keywords for optimal traffic and conversion.
  • Metadata analysis that confirms proper usage and implementation of meta elements including robots, content, name, charset and more.
  • Check search engine cache pages to ensure cached versions are the same as live content.
  • Confirmation of XML sitemap file implementation and robots.txt usage verification.
  • In-depth domain history check and whois registry information lookup.
  • Website review factors and quality of positive sentiment on 3rd party websites.
  • Spelling and grammatical website content checks ensure credibility and effective communication.
  • Outbound and external link usage and review across entire domain.
  • Keyword cannibalism checks to test whether multiple pages of a website target the same keyword.
  • Website security audit to Identify potentially hacked or vulnerable website content and communication forms.
  • Dig deep into server and hosting issues that could be causing server timeouts or slow response times.
  • In-depth analysis of link neighborhoods and websites that are hosted on shared or near-by IP addresses.
  • Server geography check to ensure physical location of website server is located near target demographic.
  • On-page keyword analysis check that reviews text /content / code to keyword ratios used on individual webpages.
  • Testing of 404 error pages and locating redirects that may be necessary for optimized user experience and search engine friendliness.
  • Blog review for appropriate outbound links and quality content guidelines.
  • Identify any manual or algorithmic penalties that could impair search engine visibility.
  • buyer and seller persona analysis that ensures effective communication of website content with target demographic.
  • Webpage accessibility check that ensures pages of a website are properly accessible across multiple browsers and device types.
  • Negative link analysis that searches for low quality, link farm or spammy directories that may point to your site.
  • Breadcrumb navigation tests checking proper schema and markup have been implemented to ensure proper display in search engine result pages.
  • Videos content is reviewed for branding and call to action components, along with optimized descriptions, titles, snippets and sitemaps.
  • Social media presence and social sharing performance review and assessment.

Analyze and report on website usability and call to actions.

A successful search engine optimization strategy involves more than just on page and off page SEO. After all, what good are hundreds of visitors to your website every day if none of them are converting? That's why Tweaked SEO delves into your website usage behavior and identifies factors that can influence user interaction and conversions.

A few areas addressed include:

  • Analyze mobile responsive web design factors that can influence both mobile and tablet users browsing experience.
  • Review website navigation and menu structure to ensure intuitive button and call to action locations have been used.
  • Website performance review that determines page load time analytics that could impact speed & rendering.
  • Conversion rate analysis identifies placement of call to actions and factors that could impair user engagement.
  • Content review that assess the communication and messaging of webpages to ensure they resonate with target customers.
  • Testing website contact and lead generation pages to evaluate ease of use, friendliness, and proper functioning.

Provide an actionable list of SEO recommendations.

This free SEO audit will reveal a current and relevant, detailed and personalized roadmap on how to improve rankings for your online presence.

Search engine optimization success items are prioritized by the most largely impacting items first, so you know where to focus time and effort.

In addition to exposing these areas for improvement, a list of actionable tasks will be provided which outlines specifically how and what Tweaked SEO does to make your local business or national brand website rank above the competition. Hard work, combined with safe and proven search engine optimization techniques ensure that organic traffic continues to grow steadily and reliably, month after month.

In addition to a thorough analysis report highlighting several SEO impact metrics, this report will provide the following:

  • Inform your team of potential growth areas and impact factors across 70+ SEO metrics.
  • Pinpoint both long tail and short tail keyword rich investment opportunities.
  • Outline the Tweaked SEO search engine optimization strategy for success.

We know you will love this Free SEO Audit report, and when you decide to use our service, we will dig even deeper into your customized Search Engine Optimization strategy.

What's Next?

While the initial audit will have identified several areas of SEO improvement, there are many additional factors that are assessed on a long term basis and require a greater level and continued analysis. Tweaked SEO believes in complete transparency and communication for all services, which is why following an in depth conversation, goals are defined so that success can be accurately measured. A further action plan is then prioritized that outlines primary SEO tasks and items that will be tackled in the short and long term.

A few items targeted within the secondary SEO audit report include:

  • Social influencer audit that tracks and identifies users that can be instrumental in promoting or sharing website content.
  • Deep analysis into social media channels focusing on content that drives shares, interaction and positive sentiment.
  • Thorough competitive landscape analysis that delves deeper into methods and techniques used by best ranking competitors.
  • Competitive link analysis & review that identifies potential inbound link resources.
  • Google Analytics review identifying sources of search traffic and website interaction metrics such as bounce rates and dwell time.
  • Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) review to root out issues with indexation and other website errors.
  • Google AdWords needs assessment and consultation with setup, ad copy and landing page creation as necessary.
  • Conversion optimization analysis highlighting the entry and exit of potential customers, and areas for improvement.
  • Content topic brainstorming and new subject research to identify fresh and valuable niche relevant content that can be published along with a new or existing content strategy.
  • Communication and SEO training with social or technical staff to ensure best practice and safe search engine optimization methods continue to be utilized.
  • Constant analysis and development of newly identified SEO methods and trends allows for new audits while revealing fresh areas for improvement.

Ongoing technical SEO support is provided, promising to build organic traffic and increased conversions for our customers. Since each website and company is different, unique tactics and processes are implemented to offer the highest level of success for every local business and national brand we work with. Staying current on new search trends and fresh programming developments keeps us beyond the curve when ranking your website above the competition. Get found online with Tweaked SEO.

Gain valuable insight not available from other SEO companies and online SEO reports with Tweaked SEO. Our team of SEO experts will look at every detail of your online presence to compose a Search Engine Optimization solution that incorporates a mix of tactics all focused on helping your local business or national brand thrive online.

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