What is Website Usability?

Importance of Usability & Web Design

Website usability identifies factors that impact the ability of visitors on a website to interact and navigate with a given web design. With an objective to optimize usability, many companies present information and choices in a clear and concise way which minimizes ambiguity and places important items and calls to action in the most noticeable sections of a webpage. A clear, user-friendly website that is intuitive to use, simple to navigate, and fully responsive will produce more satisfied website visitors and lead to increased conversions.

Often web site accessibility is associated with usability factors to provide a more user-centered website experience. Website accessibility refers to the ability of a web site to function across multiple technology platforms, browsers and devices. Several methodologies and initiatives have been created to help make content more accessible, including the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), which aims to make websites accessible to people with disabilities, and more recently AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), who's goal is to increase the users mobile experience by loading webpages instantly.

at Tweaked SEO can leverage the right combination of usability and accessibility to make a difference to your bottom line. After all, if a user can't interact properly with a website, they may leave, potentially resulting in a lost sale. The combination of several years of experience with advanced tools and utilities to review and analyze website behavior leads to new insights and usability enhancements that will skyrocket conversions and satisfy customers.