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Top 5 Things Every Website Owner Needs to Know

Website Owners Can't Afford To Ignore These Factors

When it comes to maintaining healthy website traffic, every website owner needs to consider some important factors to ensure their online business doesn't continue to fail. Keeping that in mind, there are many key things that must be considered by all business owners that have an online presence. The most important of these are;

Google Analytics

Measure Website Success or Failure With Proper Analytics Software

It's a little sad when a client approaches for SEO service because their current SEO isn't providing results. It's not shocking when you discover that they haven't even installed google analytics for proper website tracking!

Every website should have Google analytics installed to identify, measure and interpret website traffic. Without it, complicated analytics programs must be installed server side, or other expensive third party tools utilized with less accuracy.

Google Analytics allows integration and data sharing between other important Google traffic and website health measurement tools which are crucial to install for any website owner. Allowing this data to be shared provides even more accurate statistics and data measurement in one place - Google Analytics.

Google Search Console

Communicate Directly With Google, Learn How to Improve Your Site

Search Console used to be called Webmaster Tools and it provides a direct communication channel from Google to the owner of your website. It's extremely important that this tool is properly installed and functioning for any domain.

Several website details are communicated within Search Console, most importantly critical website issues which may result in penalty if not resolved. For example, if your website is hacked without your knowledge, and malicious code injected into your site - Google will notify you of the threat via Search Console so you can correct the issue.

Additional details are also provided to help improve your website performance, meta tags, page titles, and search engine result page appearance. Taking action on the information communicated about your website will only help rank it higher in all search engines - not just Google.

Configured Meta Tags

Every Web Page Has Meta Tags, And Every Page Needs Them Configured

Meta tags, page titles and page descriptions are all important components of any webpage, and together they share and communicate the general theme of your website with search engines. Your website is the only sure thing you have control of on the Internet, so it's important you do everything you can to get these things tweaked and configured as soon as possible.

While meta tags can require a significant amount of research and regular update to get just the right mix search engines love, it's better to have something there than nothing.

Many website templates employ static page titles that match the website name and empty descriptions. These fields are two of the most important on-page SEO items, and taking the time to make them unique and match the content of each page can be greatly rewarding - in traffic!

Fix Broken Pages

Broken Pages Provide A Bad Experience For Humans & Search Engines

No one likes visiting a website that has a 404 errors - or broken pages. This causes a low impression of website quality to not only humans, but Google as well. Ensuring pages of your website link accurately and consistently across your domain is crucial for both "user experience and healthy search engine results.

Even professionals make errors sometimes, especially with WordPress sites. Frequently new templates are launched with extra features that only a slight handful of websites will require. As a result, using those templates leads to tens of extra published pages with little to no content, or even missing functionality.

It's important to ensure that your site has all pages checked for proper operation and existence. A useful tool to accomplish this is the Google search term "site:your-website". Entering this search in Google will display all the pages it currently has indexed for your site, and often you'll identify incorrectly indexed or missing content that needs to be fixed.

Revive Your Social

Don't Abandon Social Channels That Have Been Configured - They're Still Noticed

If you have social channels that have been setup and configured by a previous SEO (or a younger version of yourself) that posted a few topics years ago, don't let your accounts become dormant. It's important to post something to your channels at least every few months to communicate with people that have engaged with you via social as well as to tell search engines that you still exist.

Social is a large responsibility, and it's a tough decision for several business owners. Many feel that without it they won't get the traffic they desire, so they give it a go, but then give up after only a few months. Soon the content becomes stale, and posts go lacking for years, resulting in a worse experience for online users than if the channels didn't exist at all.

It is important to remember your social channels and check in from time to time, just to let people and search engines know your still in business. Make sure you keep up to date on current events and recent trends by joining in on the conversation.

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